Tip Toes From Miss Alice


Power of the First Twirl ~ with Miss Alice

Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching a little boy who had never been to a dance class. He was all of 19 months young. He was enthused by yoga animal poses and smiled when tipping like a boat, (which was infectious and adorable). But it wasn't until he stood up, following my motions as we twirled and whirled together when it really struck me -- his mother exclaiming, "His first spin!" How special is this, I thought. As many moments are in a little persons life, but this one was really special, too. In that moment I understood another level of the privilege in sharing the love of moving to music with children. Watching this tiny person respond with such joy and ease, discovering a new way his body could move, was perhaps like a parent watching their child take their first steps - something powerfully heart-warming indeed.

This March, I am hosting a very special Tots who Twirl play date with City Moms and So Cal Moms. If you'd like to join, you can learn more here. I hope you can join and watch your child enjoy their first twirl!

Bows & Curtsies,

Miss Alice xo

Please don't stop the music! ~ with Miss Alice

The other day, after class, some of our budding dancers literally begged for the music to be turned back on. Ok! Sure, I thought. Watching these little ones integrate dance into their playtime -their spirits elate as they celebrated the music- naturally infected me and their parents with joy. Wow, I thought, they're really getting what it's all about...

So, let's keep the music going, the dance-joy flowing and the performances coming. Without further ado, our second SMFM performance has been scheduled for Sunday April, 2nd.

In the meantime, enjoy this little video of our Nutcracker dancer's performance from the Santa Monica Farmers' Market in December.

Bows & Curtsies,

Miss Alice xo

Nutcracker 2016

We couldn't say goodbye to 2016 without sending a big CONGRATULATIONS out to all our dancers who partook in their first Nutcracker performance at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. They all did incredibly well and were a HUGE hit! Teacher and parent pride definitely dominated the day! Well done, dancers!!!!

Candy Canes and Sugar Plums...What a treat!

Special Events Galore -You're invited!

 What's better than putting on a sparkly pink dress, a tutu and a tiara? All the better when you can share with the world what you love... And you're invited!

Take advantage of upcoming special Dance with Miss Alice events to mix social time and dance-fun with your little one!

  • SUNDAY OCTOBER 2ND Ivivva Santa Monica, Kids Hip Hop 6 years up, 10-11am 1327 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403  
  • MONDAY OCTOBER 3RD Mar Vista Library, an afternoon of Ballet + Jazz walkers - 6 years,  4-4:45pm 12006 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066
  • TUESDAY OCTOBER 4TH Brentwood Library, an afternoon of songs, dances and puppets walkers - 6 years, 4:30-5:15pm 11820 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Bows & Curtsies,

Miss Alice xo

Back to Dance Party!

A real costumed ballerina, sweet treats, dancing, crafting. Fun! 

To celebrate our new dance season, you, your little dancer and their friends are invited to our Back to School Dance Party Saturday, September 17th

  • Location: Venice Studio - 200 Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291
  • Time: 1-2pm

Have your little dancer photographed with a real ballerina. This is one party you don't want to miss!

RSVP: info@dancewithmissalice.com

Happy Campers, Summer 2016

Summer is coming to a close and it just wouldn't have felt complete had we not held our dance and yoga camps at Books and Cookies, LA. Some of the highlights (according to our campers) included:

"Practicing yoga in the park."
"Making new friends." "Dancing!"
"Making our set for our Friday show."  "Dancing in our Friday show!"

We can't wait for summer camps 2017!

 Summer Dance and Yoga Camps held at Books and Cookies, LA

Summer Dance and Yoga Camps held at Books and Cookies, LA

Summer Inspiration: July, 2016~with love from Miss Alice.

Dance, dance, dance! Always a magical world to explore. One of the many reasons I love dance is for the sense of community it creates.

Most recently, I got to touch base with my dance roots in Australia. There I had the privilege of attending the Don't Dis Disabilities Dance Extravaganza in Sydney where I sat next to an amazing woman, Kelly. I learned about her life as a Paralympic Gold Medalist (and new Mum) - wow! And how she got involved with the dance community through being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Couldn't feel more inspired - losing a leg wasn't gonna stop her. Not at anything.

My takeaway: yes, every body can absolutely dance. Babies, kids, teens, adults (any age), able or disabled; it's always a good time to learn dance -- or do anything you are inspired to! Thanks, Kelly. Go get 'em indeed! You can learn more about Kelly Cartwright here

And speaking of inspiring dancers, here's a video and story of a beautiful little dancer who's also conquered adversity, proving all things are truly possible. Enjoy!

Bows & Curtsies,

Miss Alice xo

Parasol Launch

Miss Alice had the pleasure of attending the Parasol Co launch at The Springs in Downtown LA a the start of June. Parasol Co have created a luxuriously soft, sustainable and beautiful diaper range. These diapers are truly stylish and little tots look oh-so-cute in their cool and chic designs. One of the things that was so fabulous about this event was that the organizers used party company DayBreaker who brought some of the best sounds for little ones to bop and boogie to. Think baby rave with pink princess. Here's a little pic of all the dance action (Miss Alice dancing included).


We had so much fun!

Last Sunday, May 22nd Miss Alice had the privilege of attending SoCal Moms Great Big Family Play Day in glorious Griffith Park -right across from the LA Zoo. Kids learned how to make tutu skirts, we made new friends and listened to some of SoCal's best Children's entertainers, including one of Miss Alice's faves from the 90's, Lisa Loeb. We highly recommend this event to families far and wide - it's worth the trip across town. Treats galore, games, slides and endless fun....We can't wait to go back next year!

Venice Library with Miss Alice, Friday May 6th

This Friday, May 6th, Miss Alice will be hosting a FREE afternoon event for toddlers and children. Original songs, dances and stories to be shared. Time: 3:30pm Address: 501 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291





Next Friday, April 1st: Join US!

Westfield Playdates

Miss Alice was so thrilled to be invited by Westfield Century City and SoCal Moms to dance at their monthly Playdates last Thursday, March 10. Playdates happen every month and are a great way to get little ones out and about, crafting, hearing stories, dancing and more.....

"One of the highlights for me was when the cutest little button approached me and asked if I was a "real princess", to which I quickly replied, "Yes!" Her eyes widened....   Lighting up the faces of little ones is always so heart-warming and rewarding. I feel honored to play even a momentary role in a child's life, that gives them a fresh idea about what a princess is."

Read more about Westfield SoCal Moms Playdates here.

EXCITING NEWS: Ballet with Miss Alice at IVIVVA

Miss Alice will be giving a FREE ballet class at Lululemon's children's store, Ivivva located at: 1327 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403. Sunday March 6th from 10:00-10:45am

Come learn to pointe, plie', and pose' with Miss Alice. This will surely be a Sunday fun-day!

Shhh....Here's a Tip Toe From Miss Alice....LOVE IS IN THE AIR

5 Ways to celebrate Valentine's Month:

In honor of the month of LOVE, here are some of Miss Alice's favorite tip-toes to help you share the love far and wide with kids.

1. Get crafty. All you need is paper, scissors and markers to create a cute card or note. Simply fold the paper in half and cut a half-heart from the bottom left edge to the top. Voila! You've got yourself a heart.

2. You can never give out too many cards. Family, friends, neighbors, teachers. Cards are a guaranteed way make someone smile.

3. Decorate your house 'cos it's so fun to put pink and red everywhere! Streamers, balloons, homemade craft or flowers.....

4. Learn about the heart. Talk to kids about their hearts. Get jumping together then lay down with hands to heart. Talk about how good it feels in your heart when nice things happen and how it feels when you're sad.

5. Living room dance party! Rock out to the L.O.V.E song by Miss Alice's favorite Aussie group Hi5 click here

May your Valentine's Day be filled with warmth, love, lots of hearts and dancing!

Bows & curtsies,


Presidents Day Mini Camp at Topanga Community Club

  • When: Monday, February 15
  • Time: 12:30pm - 4pm
  • Ages: 3 - 9 years
  • Activities: Hip Hop & Jazz dance, yoga, craft, snacks and play
  • Cost: $45


Dancing and Singing and Story Time.


Mark it in your calendar: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5TH, 3:30pm

Miss Alice is excited to announce she will be hosting another fun Library event, Friday February 5th at 3:30pm at the Venice-Abbot Kinney Library, 501 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291.

Come along to join the song and dance fun! Miss Alice will dance and sing to both familiar and original music, read a story and introduce you to one of her favorite Ballet Buddy puppet characters. Event is FREE and for all ages - friends and siblings all welcome.

Bows & Curtsies,

Miss Alice.


Bringing Boogie & Ballet to the beach.

Exciting News:

Miss Alice is beginning Saturday classes at the Venice studio next Saturday, January 16.  Start the weekend with stretching, twirling and shaking then head over the road to refuel with all the delicious offerings from our favorite health and happiness store - Whole Foods! Sign up here.

Merry & Twirly ~ and Thank you!

What an amazing year 2015 has been. Miss Alice hopes you all have a wonderful, safe and fabulous holiday and a great start to 2016. She is so thrilled to be offering even more Miss Alice magic next year and she thanks everyone for their on-going support.

'Tis the Season

In the spirit of the giving season, Miss Alice is hosting a free ballet + yoga class in Venice this Saturday, December 5 at 10-10:45am

Address: 200 Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291

 Shh....Here's a Tip Toe from Miss Alice...    Wake Up and Smell the Springtime!      

Shh....Here's a Tip Toe from Miss Alice...

Wake Up and Smell the Springtime!


If you live in the Northern Hemisphere right now you might be smelling the delicious ways spring has sprung. Did you know that being in nature has some amazing health benefits on children? Research suggests, children will be smarter, better able to get along with others, healthier and happier when they have regular opportunities for play in the out-of-doors.

Here are 5 ways Miss Alice encourages being outside (with some teach-able moments included).

1 Gardens If you live in a big city take a walk through some Botanic Gardens, or a spot like Golden Gate Park. There is so much to discover and see and wonderful opportunities for play. Miss Alice suggests asking, "Can you grow into the tallest tree? The smallest blade of grass?"

2 Flowers. Walk around your neighborhood, stop and smell the flowers. Identifying smells, shapes, colors and textures of flowers are great tools for activating sensory awareness. Miss Alice suggests asking, "Can you open your arms up like all the beautiful layers of petals?"

3 Bees. A lot of us are taught to be afraid of bees, however bees have an amazing impact on the life-cycle. Teach children that they pollinate and make yummy honey. Help them to understand they are looking for things to eat & that because they don't have nectar, bees will leave them alone if they leave them alone. Miss Alice suggests asking, "Can you fly like a bee?"

4 Butterflies. With so many amazing types around the globe, there is so much beauty and wonder in discovering these magnificent creatures. Identifying different types of butterflies is a great way to encourage diversity. Miss Alice suggests asking, "Can you flap your wings gently like a butterfly?"

5 Sunshine. Watch the sun set and if you're up early enough, head out to watch the sun rise - children will be amazed! Miss Alice suggests, making your own sun craft.


Ballet Bunny In The Land Of Hearts.

Introducing two new Ballet Buddies to warm your heart.

In preparation for Valentine's Day, here is an excerpt from my latest Children's Story titled Ballet Bunny in the Land of Hearts. Ballet Bunny goes on a magical adventure through the laundry basket and finds herself in the Land of Hearts where she meets Leon, a sad and grumpy Lion and Poppy, a very playful Puppy.

"Ballet Bunny stood across the stream, gazing at the lion, pondering how best to help this little lion’s grumpy heart. She was interrupted by a very excited “yap, yap, yap!” Running down the banks of the stream came a lovely little puppy, also covered in pink hearts, tail wagging and tongue hanging loose.

“Who are you?” Asked Ballet Bunny. “ I’m Poppy the playful puppy. I love to give puppy hugs!” She said, wrapping her heart –filled puppy paws around Ballet Bunny. The Lion turned around in a huff.

“I thought you said you were the only one in this land, little lion?” Ballet Bunny asked the lion.  The lion said nothing.

“That’s Leon,” said Poppy. “He’s been this way since he lost his Valentine, Leonie last February 14th. She left to find the land of stars. Lionesses mostly like to hunt at night, you know. Leon roared to never find another Valentine again.”

“Oh, that is very sad,” said Ballet Bunny, “this land is so heart-full, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to resolve to not letting love into their heart – especially around Valentines Day.”

This story touches on themes about resilience, curiosity, adventure, inclusion, diversity, and in true Ballet Buddy spirit - love and friendship. Ballet Bunny and the Puppy help the Lion to understand that being upset leaves little space for fun, play or friendship. This story is dear to my own heart as it gives a voice to what many of us feel at some point in our childhood or adult lives; exclusion, pain, rejection and heartbreak, whilst it also gives us hope. When taking a leap to leave ones broken heart on the other side of the stream, brightness, love and connection can be felt again.

A careful little TIP-toe from me to you, read this out loud to your little one too!

The Land of Hearts is not just a place in my story, it really does exist inside you - in your own heart. Sometimes we feel mad, sad or grumpy just like the lion did. But it's important to remember that our own heart loves to feel kindness, sweetness and care. Sometimes we don't always want to play with friends, but it's much nicer to give things a try and always include everyone in the fun. No one likes to feel left out. Trying new things can bring a lot of happiness.

My Ballet Bunny says: "I was so happy when I invited Leon the Lion and Poppy the Puppy to sing and dance with me, even though Leon didn't want to at first. We all had so much fun dancing, singing and playing together. I know he felt so much better too."


How To Create a Rainbow Bear Picnic.

My Rainbow Bear loves to be outdoors in the fresh air, surrounded by trees, grass, flowers and all the magnificent creatures that exist in nature. Why not host a Rainbow Bear picnic for you and your little one(s)! Better still,  invite a friend, your entire Parents group or a play date friend to join the fun.

All You Need :

-A park, beach, nature reserve, or back yard

-A picnic blanket, or blankets (the more colors the better for a Rainbow Bear picnic). Scarves, shawls and Mexican blankets are great items to use

-Some soft toys to join you, or your own Rainbow Bear


Invite your friends, your child's friends, their toys, their own Rainbow Bear and arrange a spot on a blanket, (toys included). Chat about the colors you see in the rainbow; what everyone's favorite colors are - include all their toy's into the conversation. Bake some Rainbow Bear cupcakes, and bring an array of colorful vegetables to make a rainbow vegetable plate.

A careful little TIP-toe from me to you, read this out loud to your little one too!

Being outdoors in nature is one of mine and Rainbow Bear's favorite ways to spend a morning, a lunchtime or an afternoon. The sun however, is very strong and we must be sure to protect our beautiful skin from the sun. Always wear a hat, sunscreen and a t-shirt when playing outside. Sunscreen and a hat keep Rainbow Bear’s skin looking rainbow bright, otherwise she might look like a red lobster!

My Rainbow Bear says: "I love being outdoors, and I always make sure I wear sunscreen."