Balance the magic of dance with technique, creativity & confidence-Building


Enchanted Ballet ~ Ballet/Yoga

#Believe In Your Magic

This class introduces children to the fundamentals of ballet, a world famous art form. It highlights classical ballet positioning, the exploration of moving to classical music and imagining far away places, characters & stories that touch the hearts and minds of people all over the globe. This class also fuses yoga elements and includes core yoga stretching, balance and posture, as well as breathing techniques that enhance relaxation. Both the cultural and calming effects on children are enchanting!



Hip Hop/Jazz

#Find Your Rhythm

This class gives a great pop to both traditional jazz ballet and hip hop dance. It focuses on building fundamental dance principals of rhythm, poise, choreography and confidence. Dance with Miss Alice's Hip Hop + Jazz approach fuses traditional jazz technique with hip hop to allow students to fully express their innate desires to dance. This class will elevate children's spirits to a place where they can confidently move and groove to the brilliant beats, which are so popular in our culture. Find your rhythm! Five, six, seven, eight...


Combo Ballet + Jazz

#Set Your Heart Free

Does your child love to shake it off like a pop star and twirl like a fairy? Perfect, they will explore both aspects in this class. They'll gain grace and poise with Beethoven and rhythm and bounce with Swift and Bieber, while always perfecting technique. Combo class is a great way to discover how your child likes to set their heart free.


Tots who Twirl

#Beam Beautifully

Our Tots who Twirl classes are something special indeed. They strike the perfect balance of ballet twirling, yoga twisting with some hip hop magic. We understand they learn so much in the very early years, that’s why Tots who Twirl combines fundamental educational concepts; from counting, to clapping, singing, rhyming and playing with pure fun. Tots who Twirl classes allow little lights to beam beautifully!


Children & Toddler Levels

Tots who Twirl *1.5 - 3

Precious Preschoolers 2.5 - 4

Funky Monkeys 4 - 6

Dancing Divas 6 - 9 years

*adult participation required.

What should my Dancer Wear To Class?


Dance with Miss Alice classes are about freedom of expression, so it's a chance to get creative! That said, it's important your dancer can move freely and easily. Leotards, leggings and tutu skirts are definitely encouraged. Ballet shoes are great when worn with socks or tights, otherwise bare feet work wonderfully. Most of all, your child should feel comfortable and excited about their dance outfit!

Boys Who Boogie!

For Boys who like to boogie, or want to find their inner-superhero, our classes are the perfect way for them to shake off some steam and express themselves. Dance builds healthy bones and muscles, which enhances athleticism & posture, while developing musicality, co-ordination and confidence.