Etoile (#French For Star) Enrichment Programs for your school

Choose either:

  • Inner Star Kids Yoga
  • Dance with Miss Alice (Ballet + Hip Hop/Jazz)

Our Etoile Arts School Enrichment Programs have been created to reach as many young hearts and minds as we can, and to guide children's innate abilities in dance and yoga, singing and drama. All our programs enrich the imaginations of young people, while providing them with skills in music, dance, drama and relaxation to enhance both physical gross-motor development, musicality, social/emotional skills and cognitive function. Choose one or more of our specialty Etoile Arts programs to enrich your school!

     #Find Your Inner Star

     #Find Your Inner Star


Our programs are incredibly fun! In addition to the physical (gross motor, core strength, cardiovascular fitness), which dance & movement naturally enhance, our programs also benefit children's development in a variety of other ways to support long term growth and a love of learning. Other benefits include:

-Self Expression & Sensory Awareness
-Social Emotional Development including Empathy
-Confidence, Self Esteem, Independent Thinking
-Curiosity & Cultural Appreciation
-Attention & Ability to Follow Directions

Self Expression & Sensory Awareness  Dance, movement and music have enormous impacts on children. They are the secret language of self-expression that words often cannot express. Teaching children in their early and primary years how to use their bodies effectively, can help them to understand themselves, feel more understood and be able to express their emotions.
Our programs support “rapid vestibular (balance) input” which includes spinning in circles and moving upside down, which develops their balance system.

Social Emotional Development Our programs help children to make social connections with peers to foster social emotional development. Our classes focus on feelings and emotions including gratitude, all which enhance empathy and well being.

Confidence, Self esteem, Independent Thinking  All our classes are structured exactly the same way using themes, stories and props to enhance engagement and deepen understanding. Our classes are interactive and child-centered, where ideas are encouraged, valued and celebrated to benefit independent thinking. Etoile Arts programs heighten sensory awareness and develop life long confidence and self esteem.

Curiosity & Cultural Appreciation Our programs ask children to be curious about the world. They build on previous knowledge about stories, moves and music and they are designed to create a deep appreciation for the arts. Probing children's natural curiosities fosters independent thinking.

Attention Movement and music support higher-level attention and learning in the classroom. They also improve children's abilities to follow directions with grace and poise.