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Our Enrichment Programs have been created to reach as many young hearts and minds as we can, and to guide children's innate abilities in dance and yoga. All our programs enrich the imaginations of young people, while providing them with skills in dance, yoga and relaxation to enhance both physical gross-motor development, musicality, social/emotional skills and cognitive function.


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Inner Star Kids Yoga

What better way to teach children healthy mind-body connection. This program includes core yoga stretching, balance, yoga postures, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. It builds: self-esteem, focus, self-love and co-ordination. It explores: relaxation, mind-body connection and stretching the imagination. Your child will most definitely find their inner star in yoga!




Dance with Miss Alice (Ballet + Hip Hop/Jazz)

Imagination is power. Our dance curriculum has been designed to allow students to benefit socially, emotionally and physically - enhancing their imaginative inner and outer worlds. We strongly believe in empowering, enchanting, and inspiring a love of all things dance because little imaginations create big power! Come and find your inner star with us.

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