Dance School

Our dance school's studio classes are fresh, fun and full of positive learning experiences. We are committed to providing a magical, quality experience, which is age-appropriate, educational and super-fun! Our 45 and 50 minute classes allow children to exercise their brains, bodies and imaginations, while providing them with proper technique and the language to understand the art of dance. 

Our fresh approach to dance education allows children to fully express their artistic selves - shining to their fullest capacity - finding their inner star!  We've created a well thought out curriculum that uses original stories, music, props and puppets to create a safe and warm environment for children's confidence to blossom. We wholeheartedly believe that positive self-talk is a key component to creating happy dancers, hence why our programs include positive messages and mindfulness.

Join our community! We truly thrive on Providing Positive and FUN dance experiences for children.