Inspired kids, inspired parents

  "Miss Alice has created such a positive, smart, creative dance class for young children to learn dance vocabulary through magical play and metaphoric games that build their precious self confidence and sense of positive memories. Classes are everything a dance class should be for easily influenced little girls wanting to dance and express themselves... positive and fun!" -Jasna H.

"So I LOVE how you teach dance. We have taken other classes, and BY FAR your method of getting the girls to participate and have fun while doing the moves is beyond anything I have seen." -Janet G.

"I just wanted to thank you again SO much for whatever it is you're doing, Claire is loving your dance class! And that's a RARE feat. It makes me so happy to see her really enjoy something." -Heather M. 

“Miss Alice is a gift. She is also the toddler whisperer. My son loves to dance and both boys and girls are mesmerized by her pure talent and enthusiasm. I have even learned a few new moves. She is truly magical.” -Kelly K.

    “My daughter Ava can’t stop talking about Miss Alice! We have Miss Alice to thank for inspiring a love of dance in our daughter who started with Miss Alice when she was 2. Miss Alice has a wonderful way with kids, I have been so impressed with how she works with toddlers who tend to have short attention spans and minds of their own...Miss Alice is full of creativity and patience and she is also a beautiful dancer. Miss Alice is a very special teacher!” -Dayna D.

    “My daughter is a budding ballerina, and we have Miss Alice to thank! Miss Alice is truly gifted with young children. She is encouraging, full of positive energy, and knows how to teach even the youngest children dance technique. Miss Alice is truly fabulous!” -Karen K.